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With more than 50 years since our founding, we have the expertise, creativity and service that define true craftsmanship.

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Let us be your trusted partner for both your mailing and printing services.

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Echo Communications, Inc. is a digitally integrated, commercial printer and mailer located in New London, New Hampshire since 1997 although our roots go back much further as the Country Press,  AccuMail and The Kearsarge Shopper®.

If you are an existing customer, we appreciate your support and business as we strive to provide friendly, efficient service for all your print communication needs.

If you are new to Echo Communications, we invite you to review our specialties in detail, see what others have to say about us, and let us help you with your next printing or mailing project.

We hope you will choose Echo Communications as a service partner to provide you with the added value you expect and deserve.

Our printing process is alcohol free to minimize VOC emissions and we use aluminum plates for excellent image stability and full recyclability of our used materials. We use paper with post-consumer recycled content whenever possible or requested. We recycle nearly all of our paper scraps to keep unused paper from landfills. In addition, we recycle as much of our glass and plastic containers as possible, including items from our lunch room!

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